Get Integrated with the KRA Approved TIMS Compliant Fiscal ETR ESD Devices

Your Apps Limited has been appointed as a Value Added Reseller for all forms of ETR currently available. Your Apps Limited is focused on providing the best KRA-approved and TIMS Compliant devices, consultation to Integrate, integrated applications & solutions to fit the demands of any Kenyan business.

Our TIMS Integrated Solutions

Smart QBD Integration

Smart QBD is an application developed by Your Apps Limited to meet the requirements of the KRA’s new Tax Invoicing Management System.

Smart PDF Integration

Smart PDF application is a software tool designed for Integrating PDF documents from your applications to the KRA TIMS Compliant ETR's .

Smart Xero Integration

Your Apps Ltd created the Smart Xero Integrated application to integrate the Xero Online accounting platform with KRA-approved ETRs.

Smart SAP Integration

Your Apps Ltd created an application called Smart SAP Integrated addon to integrate SAP Business One software with KRA-approved ETRs.

Smart Zoho Integration

To integrate Zoho Online and speed up the billing process using KRA-approved TIMS Compliant ETRs, Your Apps Limited created the Smart Zoho addon.

Smart QBO Integration

Your Apps Ltd created Smart QBO to integrate with QuickBooks Online. Our add-on enables simple connectivity between QBO and the ETR.

Smart Sage Integration

Your Apps Limited created Smart Sage as a software solution that satisfies the demands of the KRA's latest Tax Invoicing Management System.

Excel Parser Integration

The Smart Excel Parser software tool was developed to enable integration between the Sage 200 application and the KRA TIMS Compliant ETR's.

JSON Parser Integration

Your Apps Ltd created the Integrated Smart JSON Parser app to facilitate the incorporation of JSON-based software with KRA-sanctioned ETRs.

Own a Private API

A Private API, also known as an Internal API or Enterprise API, is an Application Programming Interface that is designed and used only within a company or organization.

A private API, as opposed to a public API, is restricted to internal use by employees, partners, and other authorized entities within the organization. These APIs are typically used to facilitate communication and data exchange between different applications, systems, and services within a company.

To prevent unauthorized access, private APIs are generally not exposed to the public internet and are secured with various authentication and authorization mechanisms. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including integrating various internal systems and automating business processes.

What are the advantages of Private APIs?

Improved efficiency and productivity: By automating processes and integrating various systems and applications, private APIs enable organizations to streamline their internal operations. As a result, efficiency, productivity, and cost savings can be realized.

Increased security: Because private APIs are not accessible via the public internet, they can be protected with various authentication and authorization mechanisms. This lowers the likelihood of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Improved control: Private APIs provide organizations with greater control over their data and systems. They have control over who has access to the API, what data is accessible, and how it is used.

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