TIMS Integrated Oracle NetSuite Addon

Your Apps Limited has been appointed as a Value Added Reseller to provide training in all forms of ETR currently available. Your Apps Limited has focused on providing the best KRA certified device to fit the demands of any Kenyan business.

Type A Mobile ETR

Tremol S25

Tremol has developed the smallest ETR with GSM, WiFi, and Bluetooth (optional). It’s ideal for vehicle sales and delivery. Tremol S25 has the advantage of built-in batteries and charging through a regular USB SV converter (port).

Type A Desktop ETR

Tremol M23

Desktop ETR with improved design and features, and a simple and intuitive user interface. Barcode readers, cash drawers and electronic scales all have multiple interfaces. You can connect multiple devices over your local network.

Type A Desktop ETR

Datecs WP25

WP25 represents the classic concept of electronic cash registers. Built around a powerful ARM processor, it provides customers with a variety of features and reports. Suitable for medium-sized shops, restaurants, etc.

Type B | C Control Unit

Tremol G03

Available in two types: Type B for retail POS application users and Type C for ERP and accounting applications. It can work on multiple operating platforms and has an extensive API library for integration with different programming languages.

Type B Fiscal Printer

Datecs FP700

A heavy-duty fiscal printer with an integrated Type Control Unit for enterprise use. RS 232, USB, and Ethernet connectivity are available to handle large retail points of sale and services. Upgrade your current devices or replace them for a lower cost.

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