KRA approved TIMS ETR machine suppliers and smart PDF document integration

TIMS Integrated Smart PDF Capture

Validate Your Application Data using a KRA approved TIMS ETR Device. Integrate with the Desktop Smart PDF addon to simply record and validate invoices, credit notes, receipts, cash sales, and debit notes. Smart PDF allows you to manage various Templates as well as customise Print and Email. Smart PDF is one of the best-integrated applications and is most adaptable in terms of configuration and settings to meet all of your business requirements.

Smart PDF Capture

Smart Integrated Pdf Capture is a software tool designed for Integrating PDF documents into TIMS Compliant devices. Smart Integrated Pdf Capture conforms to predictable graphical layouts – such as receipts, tickets, invoices credit notes, and the like. Smart Integrated PDF Capture is an integrated desktop application, thus, drastically reducing efforts required in integrating software with KRA approved TIMS Compliant devices.

KRA approved TIMS ETR machine suppliers and smart PDF document integration
KRA approved TIMS ETR machine suppliers and smart PDF document integration

Features List

The Smart Integrated Pdf Capture is a desktop application that has many features and functionalities that meets a compliant status to (KRA TIMS). Smart Integrated Pdf Capture gives a platform where the user can remotely connect to the ETR device over the network. The Smart Integrated  Pdf Capture gives its users a template editor where they can capture the details on the Pdf file and be able to;

  • Define inclusive and exclusive amounts.
  • Manage HSCode and HSCode description for each item.
  • Manage duplicate transactions.
  • Define and round the number of decimal places for amounts.
  • Automate credit and debit notes in reference to their invoices.
  • Define your location and size for QR-Code
  • Auto Emails your validated transactions.
  • Validate multi-currency invoices and credit note
  • Automate selective printers for each template
  •  Define the number of copies to print 
  • Incorporate documents with Extra taxes ( Catering Levy, Service charge etc ). 

Print & QR-Code Sign

The Smart Integrated Pdf Capture appends a QR Code, Control Unit invoice number, TIMS device serial number, Total amount of the transaction, Date and Time   to the PDF file once it is validated. 

A two-dimensional barcode called a Quick Response code (QR-code) has a white backdrop with a square grid of black squares on it. QR codes may be read by smartphone cameras or equipment made particularly for scanning QR codes. Typically, QR codes contain a link to a website or application, an email address, a phone number, a product identification, or a tracker.

KRA approved TIMS ETR machine suppliers and smart PDF document integration

Smart PDF Capture Setup

Use the following link to download the latest Smart PDF Capture application

Smart PDF Capture Tutorial

Use the following link to download the Smart PDF Capture tutorial

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