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Your Apps Ltd provides unrivalled customised applications, Integration and add-ons for KRA Approved TIMS compliant fiscal devices on Quickbooks, Tally, SAP, Sage, Oracle, PDF documents & Much more. Your Apps Ltd also provides a variety of time attendance & access control, surveillance system, mobile application development, POS & ERP system, and other services.

Your Apps Ltd offers the best support and services in a wide range of industries. Doing business has become increasingly complicated in today’s fast-paced environment. With our unrivalled tailored apps, integrations, and services, we are ready to assist you wherever you need them.

Industry Approved Enterprise Applications

Reliable and Integral Solutions

Mobile Development

Expert mobile developers: crafting engaging experiences for smartphones and tablets.

Web Developement

Mastering web development: creating captivating online experiences using cutting-edge technology

Time Attendance

Employee Clocking Systems to help you Integrate accurate data into your Payroll

Access Control

Access Control Systems to help you create a safe environment for your staff and guests

POS Systems

Correct billing POS systems that are cost-effective, secure, and convenient to use.

Payroll Systems

Simplify Employee Management, Payroll and HR with affordable software solutions

ERP Systems

All-in-one hotel ERP for independent hotels, group hotels, resorts, clubs, and restaurants


CCTV systems and CVR systems are essential in keeping your residence or work place safe