A walkthrough Of Tremol's ZFPLab API Integration to KRA Approved ETR, ESD and Control Units.

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Lightning Speed, Performance and Dependability

When creating, implementing, and maintaining a genuinely strong application integration, these are the features you want. These are also the characteristics that your clients will evaluate when forming views about the integration and performance of your application. When it comes to connecting the most recent KRA-approved Electronic Tax Registers, Fiscal Devices, ESD or Control Units, Tremol‘s ZFPLab API outperforms most other APIs in market.

Clients can utilise ZFPLab APIs to interact with Kenya’s most current Tax Registers in real-time.

ZFPLab facilitates the rapid creation of end-user software that interacts with Tremol fiscal devices. Lower-level implementation details, such as underlying communication channels and platforms, are abstracted away, and instead, a higher-level API is exposed to end-user applications.

Wide Range of Platforms to work on

The APIs provided by Tremol enable customer software to operate on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux, and web browsers.

Tremol KRA ETR ESD OS and Platform support

Multiple Options for Communication

Connect to your fiscal device through a serial port, Bluetooth, LAN, or WIFI.

Tremol KRA approved TIMS fiscal device connections

Control Unit Multi-Connections

Control several fiscal devices from a single workstation or distribute a single fiscal device over many workstations.

Tremol KRA approved TIMS Compliant Device multi connections


Tremol’s ZFPLab bundles with large and well-documented APIs for accessible languages and local assistance, updates, and enhancements.

The Advantages of Tremol’s API

Lighting Speed

Tremol’s ZFPLab APIs can outperform other APIs in the market when it comes to managing large numbers of transactions and speed.

Rapid Development

ZfpLab APIs provide an expedited development cycle for producing end-user applications that interact with Tremol fiscal devices.

Multi Device Integrations

With Tremol’s unrivalled device processing speed, its APIs are among the best and easiest to integrate. ZFPLab facilitates multiple device connections and administration with ease.

Supports variety of programming languages

The ZFPLab server API comes with extensive libraries to simplify integration on Android, C#, COM, CPP, Delphi, DirectAPI, FileServer, Java,JS, PHP, Phython or VB.

Tremol's Software Architecture

Tremol's KRA approved Fiscal device Software Architecture

Client applications use the API to deliver commands to a local or distant server, which communicates over HTTP or File System. The communicated data is formatted according to the specifications. APIs for transmitting commands or files are generated automatically based on the definitions. The command’s request and answer are well described, and there is the option of controlling several fiscal devices on the local network.

  • The driver connects with the fiscal devices that are accessible.
  • It makes use of the same definitions as the clients.
  • Converts instructions to the ZFP protocol.
  • Establishes a connection with the Fiscal Device through the specified transport channel.
  • The instructions are executed and the answer or error code is returned.
Download Tremol Api Manual