TIMS Integrated QuickBooks Addon

Your Apps Limited has been appointed as a Value-Added Reseller to provide training in all forms of ETR currently available. Your Apps Limited has focused on providing the best KRA certified device to fit the demands of any Kenyan business.

Smart QBD

Smart QBDSmart QBD is an application developed by Your Apps Limited to meet the requirements of the KRA’s new Tax Invoicing Management System. Smart QBD was developed as a solution for the 2012-2022 QuickBooks desktop version. 

We also support all QuickBooks Desktop – United Kingdom products such as QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Accountant, and QuickBooks Enterprise.

Features List

The Smart QBD QuickBooks desktop add-on has many features and functionalities and in order to meet the requirements of the Kenya Revenue Authority, the application’s Smart QBD features allow you to:

  • Connect the Application to the TIMS Device.
  • Map VAT Settings and Percentages
  • Define between inclusive and exclusive
  • Create a required PIN request
  • Define and round the number of decimal places for amounts
  • Create the required custom fields for KRA in QuickBooks files
  • Manage HSCode and HSCode description for each item
  • Update your QuickBooks invoices, credits, debits, and sales receipt

Print and Report Design

The Smart QBD program offers the Report Design Functionality, which is used to duplicate the QuickBooks Invoice, Credit Note, and Sales Receipt Templates, in response to the necessity to include a scannable QRCode on the invoices, a feature that is not given by the QuickBooks desktop edition.

Additionally, this feature permits static entries, which can be utilized to provide specific information on the invoice, credit note, and sales receipt, such as bank information, terms of sales, and other pertinent information.

Download Smart QBD

Use the following link to download Smart QBD

Smart QBD Tutorial

Use the following link to download the Smart QBD tutorial

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