TIMS Integrated SAP Business One HANA | SQL Addon

Ensure the accuracy of your application data by using a KRA-approved TIMS ETR device. By integrating your TMS with the Smart SAP Add-on, you can optimize your operations and obtain valuable insights into your business. Contact us now to discover more about the benefits of Smart SAP Add-on TIMS integration for your enterprise.

Smart SAP Integration

Smart SAP is a KRA Tax Invoicing Management Systems (TIMS) integration solution developed by Your APPS Limited that allows businesses to comply with ITax regulations while improving their invoicing processes. This solution is designed to manage the entire invoicing process, from invoice creation to submission to the Kenya Revenue Authorities.

Our Smart SAP TIMS integration offers businesses a solution for managing their invoicing process while remaining compliant with tax regulations. This solution has a number of advantages, including increased compliance, efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and integration.

  • Audit Trail: The Smart SAP add-on TIMS integration provides businesses with an audit trail of all invoices, including invoice changes and invoice payment history.

Features of Smart SAP Integration:

Businesses can improve their invoicing process and reduce the risk of penalties for noncompliance by utilizing features such as invoice generation, tax compliance, reporting, and audit trail.

  • Invoice Generation: Through the Smart SAP add-on TIMS integration, businesses can generate invoices in a variety of formats, including paper and electronic formats such as XML and EDI.
  • Tax Compliance: The Smart SAP add-on TIMS integration ensures that all invoices are tax-compliant, including the correct tax rates and the inclusion of required information.
  • Reporting: The Smart SAP add-on TIMS integration provides businesses with invoice status reports, such as payment status and overdue invoices.

Understanding SAP Add-On Integration

SAP add-ons are third-party software solutions designed to work with the SAP system. Independent software vendors (ISVs) create these solutions, which add functionality to the SAP system.

SAP NetWeaver, SAP ABAP, and SAP Java Connector can be used to integrate the add-ons into the SAP system. SAP add-ons allow you to automate specific business processes, customize SAP functionality, and integrate SAP with third-party applications.

Benefits of Smart SAP Integration:

Our Smart SAP add-on integration offers several benefits for businesses created to meet the requirements of the Kenya Revenue Authority. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Compliance: By automating the invoicing process and ensuring that all invoices are accurate and complete, the Smart SAP add-on TIMS integration assists businesses in complying with tax regulations.
  • Efficiency: The Smart SAP add-on TIMS integration streamlines the invoicing process, saving time and effort when creating and managing invoices. This results in increased efficiency and productivity.

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